Transactional Law

We are primarily a transactional law firm and as early as 1999, served as special counsel to Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), a United States Department of Defense policy and research institute. 

During this initial engagement, we pioneered and authored the first private equity deal involving WRAIR and Iomai Corporation, a public company trading on the NYSE.

We continued to structure complex joint ventures and technology exchanges to pool resources with the private sector and to promote privatization of patentable technologies for the benefit of the United States military for more than a decade.   The firm has maintained an outstanding relationship with management for the Office of Research and Technology Applications at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland since 1999.

Our practice group performs rigorous and sophisticated due diligence and legal analysis of complex business transactions and acquisitive/non-acquisitive reorganizations. 

We provide counsel and guidance throughout the life cycle of a business, from choice of entity to repositioning the entity for growth, whether organically or synthetically, or preparing an exit strategy for ownership.

Today we represent Fortune 100 financial services companies and telecommunication wireless network operators as well as, government agencies, funds, and community-oriented commercial lenders who invest in LMI firms and communities along the East Coast and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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