Capital Markets

The capital markets and finance group focus on structured finance and securitization transactions, including collateralized loan obligations, residential mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities, asset-based lending, and structured products and derivatives transactions. 

Our finance experience is quite extensive and includes banking and institutional investing, public finance, and real estate finance transactions. Clientele includes issuers, arrangers, underwriters, initial purchasers, lenders, borrowers, asset managers, credit and liquidity support providers, and other transaction parties in various capital markets public and private debt and equity finance transactions.

Members of the firm have represented government agencies, quasi-public and private financial institutions since 1990, in a broad array of bank regulatory and asset-based financing transactions, lender documentation, UCC and commercial transactions. We have handled asset-based financing transactions for institutional lenders dating back to the Resolution Trust Corporation and from the borrower’s perspective involving all types of commercial paper conduits and collateralized loans. Our experience runs the gamut from institutional banking and capitalization of a transaction from inception to maturity. We also work closely with philanthropic funds, private foundations and non-traditional sources of capital that look to strategically finance projects in historically underutilized areas.

We have extensive experience dealing with securitization and asset-based or secured lending involving commercial paper conduits, project financing (including private equity and debt offerings and securitized financing), traditional mortgages, construction lending and hybrid debt-equity mortgages, and credit-enhanced financing tools such as letters of credit and lender guarantees. 

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